Customized Fabric

Hand Dyed Fabric 

AFE Ibadan’s products are hand made, hand dyed 100% cotton or 100% silk. AFE artists use natural pigments, beeswax/ corn starch and some block printed foam designs as well as  natural,  bristle brushes.

“Elu” is a natural dye obtained from the indigo plant. It is the  Yoruba word that means “indigo”. The botanical name for the plant is Lonchocarpus Cyanescens. This genus of indigo tree  only grows in tropical, humid, rain forests and is indigenous to West Africa.

These products provide indigenous artists with a livelihood  and helps too keep the culture alive. Please find some of the beautiful, traditional designs that can be ordered  below:

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Category B

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Category C



Items can be made to order:

bedding- sheets and pillow slips, counterpanes, quilts

dining -tabletoppers, tablecloths. napkins, aprons, chef hats

curtains- shower curtains, curtains for windows, drapes that separate areas

clothing – blouses, danjikis, shirts and t-shirts.


How to place orders:

Please contact: if you are interested in custom hand-made items to fit specific dimensions for your special spaces.  Response time is within 24 hours. Thank you!

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