Emerald Forest

Emerald Forest is surrounded by village communities who are learning about the wealth of natural resources in their environment. Unfortunately, some individuals have been systematically plundering the natural resources through illegal logging and denudation of the indigenous forest. This has 2 effects: one is the obvious loss of the forest terrain and the second is the unsustainable manner in which this is done resulting in loss of livelihood and free services from the forest ecosystem to the community acceleration the rural to urban migration.

Conservation and Preservation are often used interchangeably. They are two different views on how public land should be managed.

CONSERVATION is a view in which some people believe that the environment and it’s resources should be used and managed, by humans in a responsible manner. This has to do with the goods and services that the environment can give people and must be used in a sustainable way so as not to be depleted. Conservationists believe that the supply for future generations can not be depleted.

PRESERVATION may refer to the preservation of cultures; preservation of land or historic preservation, such as buildings and also art. In most cases, preservation means leaving something untouched, in it’s natural state. In the case of land use, preservationists want the land to be left in its’ natural form without alternating the natural habitat. This can be done to maintain an area as protection for wildlife and natural resources.

Emerald Forest is  untouched, virgin forest. It is a protected parcel made up of 400 acres of protected rainforest. This is one of the best opportunities in Nigeria, for exploring native vegetation, flora and fauna. Searching for wildlife in untouched surroundings can lead to amazing experiences and is a wonderful learning opportunity. The Emerald Forest protects part of the South-Western region’s rich lowland and sub-montane rainforest. It is a perfect  habitat for an extremely rich suite of butterflies and  birdlife.


Emerald Forest Bed and Breakfast, Ibadan

The owners of the bed and breakfast are Dr. Ladipo and Dr. Abayomi

Beautiful AFE fabrics adorn this king size bed and windows. This room is on the lower floor; easily accessible from the inner front courtyard and garden with a full bathroom.