AFE PROJECTS,  Abuja, Washington DMV

AFE Projects is a Consulting company providing consulting to small businesses. 

We are also interested in the preservation of traditional arts, crafts and culture and work with AFE HQ, Nigeria to  promote cultural awareness and preserve the integrity of natural and organic dyeing as a traditional art form. 

Orders are  accepted for fabric and clothing designs with an ethnic touch as well as traditional African clothing, jewelry, arts and crafts.


AFE HQ, Ibadan, Nigeria


AFE Nigeria’s Eco Unit’s mission is to create sustainable wildlife, fauna and flora, sanctuaries in Nigeria, within close proximity to human settlements and contiguous corridors for wildlife migration. Conserving and preserving not only the environment but heritage (traditional way of life; language and culture); and to provide indigenous people with a sustainable livelihood that has minimal impact on the environment.

AFE Ibadan, Nigeria/ AFE Abuja, USA partnership:

  1. Conservation and reforestation of damaged eco-systems.
  2. Organic, green energy projects.
  3. Natural agriculture: honey from our own honey bees in the forest, hand-pressed palm oil, agricultural produce.
  4. Nature retreats (AFE HQ in the Emerald Forest and a Bed and Breakfast in Ibadan)
  5. Build habitats and eco-friendly buildings.
  6. Clean up the environment; conservation, recycling and clearing debris from water ways.
  7. Preservation of cultures through fabric art, crafts – candle making, dying of fabric

AFE  Projects and Lekki Conservation Centre (Lagos State Government)

Photo by Anisuzzaman Russell  for Panoramio and Google Maps

Lekki Conservation Centre is on the Lekki Peninsula by the second toll gate. It is considered part of Lagos megropolis and is a haven for many birds, animals and reptiles. This reserve is a nature lovers delight, so close to the city, yet hidden and surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

AFE Projects worked closely with Lagos State Government to create massive, outdoor games, a koi pond, zip line and obstacle course powered by solar panels. 


Photos from Google images

Please visit the following links for additional information:

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